About Us

The Internet is a lot like an open-air market or bazaar; you have to weave through the crowds, dodge barking vendors, and avoid the lure of brightly-colored bric-a-brac to get to the things that you really want and need. Searching for that one-of-a-kind item can be sweaty, tiring work. If you could send someone else to the market to pick up the things you need, while you focus on the long list of other things you need to get done, would you?

CPAC Fuller is your personal online shopper. We scour the web to find one-of-a-kind items, customized products, unique companies and great services. Instead of searching the internet for that thing you can’t life without, bookmark cpac-fuller.com and check back every so often — we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

History of CPAC Fuller

CPAC Fuller traces its roots to a small storefront where, decades ago, a family named Fuller sold bolts of fabric, peppermint sticks, stationery and whatever else their customers needed. The Fullers prided themselves on their ability to provide knowledgeable service to their clients. Which lozenges were best for a sore throat? Cotton or linen for a summer dress? How many peppermint sticks can we buy for a penny? Whatever the question, the Fullers had an answer.

Though the storefront is long gone, the Fuller tradition of providing expert knowledge and counsel lives on. After the store closed, the Fuller family sold their brand and assets to a company named CPAC, a personal shopping service, in 1999. From 1999 – 2013, CPAC Fuller helped connect busy clients with expert personal shoppers.

Today, CPAC Fuller is dedicated to helping people navigate the online marketplace in the most efficient manner possible. Our staff comprises several individuals who possess in-depth knowledge of industrial products, consumer products, custom products and personal services.


Our office is located west of the Twin Cities in Plymouth, Minnesota. Because there are no sidewalks here, we discourage visitors. Visit us online instead!