Groin Cups for Women

womens groin cup
“Lemon, are you wearing a cup?” Jack Donaghy famously asks Liz Lemon in an episode of 30 Rock.

“Oh, I forgot,” she says with an eye roll, “only guys can get hurt there.”

Jack Donaghy shouldn’t have been so surprised. Groin protection for women is a real thing, and lots of female athletes use it. Women who play sports like hockey, lacrosse and softball can experience discomfort when struck in the pelvic area. Additionally, female martial artists benefit from groin protection, not just because it protects them from strikes, but because many Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques involve getting up close and personal, so groin protection for everyone makes everyone more comfortable.

The great thing about these Shock Doctor protectors is that they are low profile, which means you cannot tell by looking at a woman that she is wearing one. If Liz Lemon had been using one of these, she would never have had that awkward (yet funny!) conversation with Jack.

Other Shock Doctor Products

Shock Doctor specializes in products that protect athletes from injury. Odds are, if you head to Target or a sporting goods store to pick up a mouth guard, you’ll find a selection of Shock Doctor mouth guards on the shelf. Shock doctor products aren’t flashy or fancy but they last an awfully long time and are relatively inexpensive. So you can shell out extra money for some mouth guard or groin protector that makes all kinds of outrageous claims, or stick to what works. Shock Doctor gets the CPAC Fuller Gold Star of Approval.

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Unsure What to Buy? We Review Products!

If you follow this blog, you know that we review products to help you decide what to buy. But you don’t have to wait for us to review something! If there’s a product, service or company that you’re interested in but unsure about, let us know! We will investigate the product and put to to the test. With the use of our trained eyes, we will point out the pros and cons of the product, so that you can make an informed decision before you buy.

Online Product Reviews: How to Shop Smart

When you buy online, it’s always a good idea to check out the customer reviews. Read through all of them, or at least several of them — you don’t need to read through hundreds of reviews. Read just enough to see if the reviews reveal a common thread. Of course, when you read online reviews, you have to take everything with a grain of salt. Sometimes, people get disgruntled by one thing — a shipping problem, for example — and their frustration spills over and causes them to rate their entire experience as a negative one, even if its a good product. The odd one-star review that’s full of nasty comments can usually be disregarded. However, if all the reviews are one-star reviews? Buy that product at your own risk.

Another way to shop smart is to really look at product specifications. The specifications should tell you how big the product is, which will tell you if it will fit in your space. It will offer technological information, like memory or hard drive space. The specs will also let you know whether it has special features, like a touch screen or if it comes in different colors.

Still Unsure?

Ask your friends! Does your friend have that Kitchen Aid mixer you’ve been eyeing? Ask her if she’s happy with it. Does your brother use that gadget you’re not sure about? Get his opinion. Do you use Twitter or Facebook? Ask your social network! If sites like Yelp and other review sites tell us anything, it’s that people like offering their opinions on things. And we do too! If you have a product you would like reviewed, send us an email at [email protected]

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Swiss Army Hair Clip?

hair clip tools
So popular, you won’t get yours until Halloween!

If all your hair clip does is keep your bangs in place, you’re doing it wrong! Animi Causa is peddling a barrette that has everything:

A small screwdriver.

A large screwdriver.

A ruler.

A saw.

That’s right. A saw. It doesn’t make much sense to put a saw in your hair, does it? We don’t think so either.

Adweek already reviewed the product, and we don’t have a ton to add to what they had to say. We agree that it’s a cute idea but not terribly practical. What’s more, it’s a bit odd that it is marketed under “Gifts for Him”. That kind of opens a really big can of worms. Just because it has “tools” doesn’t mean it has to be marketed just to men. And just because it’s a hair clip doesn’t mean that it has to be marketed to women.

It doesn’t matter though, since the item is so popular it is on back order. It seems many people have seen this and decided that it is a primo gag gift. We don’t disagree, but we don’t think it’s worth the wait — the site says these won’t be available to ship until October.

Besides, the same company offers a picture frame that makes you look like you’re on the cover of Time. We think that’s perfect for the narcissist in your life, whoever he or she may be.



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