Does Aldi Deserve the Hype?

The Pros and Cons of the German Grocery Chain

Will you really save a ton of money if you shop at Aldi? The numbers have already been crunched, so rather than re-crunch them, I’ll refer you to this article here. In a nutshell, it says that while Aldi claims to save you over 40% on groceries, it really only saves you 20%. That’s still a lot, and if you’re in a position where every penny matters, that 20% is going to mean a lot to you.

But still, there are pros and cons to shopping at Aldi.

Pro: You can walk out of Aldi with a full grocery bag and be amazed at how much less you spent, compared to other stores. That’s a pretty big pro.

Con: If you’re brand loyal — say you prefer Land O Lakes butter or a certain flavor of Doritos — you’re outta luck. Aldi only carries Aldi brand stuff. If you don’t like having to find the closest equivalent to the thing you actually want, Aldi should not be your first stop.

Pro: Aldi makes up for its lack of Doritos by bringing you stuff you can’t get anywhere else: German chocolate. And this. Actually, these are why I don’t shop at Aldi that often. If I did, I’d gain 200 lbs off of these.

Con: Coin-operated grocery carts. That’s just a pain.

Pro: “I shop at Aldi” is a much nicer-sounding sentence than “I shop at WalMart.” Also, there’s no website called “People of Aldi.” You know what I’m talking about.

Pro: It’s not called “Whole Paycheck.”

So there you go. I think there are plenty of good reasons to shop at Aldi. If you’re looking for a way to slash your grocery budget, shopping at Aldi is a great option.

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