First Sign Hair Clip

self defense key chains
Key Cats are lower tech than the First Sign Hair Clip, but they offer several distinct advantages.

Forbes put together a list of “weird and unique” products. Of the 12 items on the list, only one is actually useful. (And a bunch of them are gross, so I will not mention them.) The First Sign Hair Clip looks like an ordinary hair clip with a daisy on it, but it has a built in microphone and motion sensor that activates when the wearer is physically attacked.

It’s a cool idea. When the sensors are triggered, the clip sends a message to law enforcement, and the embedded audio gathers evidence. Presumably, this will make police and prosecutors’ jobs easier, and help to secure justice for victims.


I doubt that the sensors are smart enough to differentiate between motion that happens during a physical attack, and motion that just happens. For instance, if you slip on a patch of ice, of if your friend lifts you up in a bear hug, or if you win the lottery and start jumping up and down, are the cops going to show up?

Wasting officers’ time would result in this thing getting yanked from the market, and fast.

There is a Better Option

It’s not nearly as high tech (which means its not as expensive) but it can do the same thing: gather evidence. It can also aid in self defense. I’m referring, of course, to the Key Cat. The Key Cat is a key chain shaped like a cat’s face, with two finger holes for “eyes” and pointy ears that gather DNA when plunged into an assailant’s carotid. It works like a brass knuckle, but is designed to buy you time so that you can run away and call for help.

The downside is that it doesn’t call for help for you like the hair clip does, and you can’t use it passively: you actually have to hit someone with it for it to work. But it only costs $9.95 and it won’t call the police when your dog jumps on you.

The choice is yours.

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