Groin Cups for Women

womens groin cup
“Lemon, are you wearing a cup?” Jack Donaghy famously asks Liz Lemon in an episode of 30 Rock.

“Oh, I forgot,” she says with an eye roll, “only guys can get hurt there.”

Jack Donaghy shouldn’t have been so surprised. Groin protection for women is a real thing, and lots of female athletes use it. Women who play sports like hockey, lacrosse and softball can experience discomfort when struck in the pelvic area. Additionally, female martial artists benefit from groin protection, not just because it protects them from strikes, but because many Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques involve getting up close and personal, so groin protection for everyone makes everyone more comfortable.

The great thing about these Shock Doctor protectors is that they are low profile, which means you cannot tell by looking at a woman that she is wearing one. If Liz Lemon had been using one of these, she would never have had that awkward (yet funny!) conversation with Jack.

Other Shock Doctor Products

Shock Doctor specializes in products that protect athletes from injury. Odds are, if you head to Target or a sporting goods store to pick up a mouth guard, you’ll find a selection of Shock Doctor mouth guards on the shelf. Shock doctor products aren’t flashy or fancy but they last an awfully long time and are relatively inexpensive. So you can shell out extra money for some mouth guard or groin protector that makes all kinds of outrageous claims, or stick to what works. Shock Doctor gets the CPAC Fuller Gold Star of Approval.

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