Magnetic Rails Save Room in the Fridge

Your fridge is crammed, and there’s no space to put that six-pack of Stella Artois Cidre. But you’re having a party in a few hours and that Stella Artois needs to chill. What are you gonna do?!

Well, you could clean out your fridge, for starters. You probably don’t need to hang on to that half-full jar of gooseberry jam that you’ve had for two years. And some of those takeout containers are probably right on the edge. Get rid of those and you don’t have to worry about where to put your cider.

But if your fridge isn’t full of stuff that shouldn’t be there and you need the space on the bottom shelf for your cheese-filled endive and crudites, cleaning out the fridge isn’t an option. You’re going to have to to plan B: magnetic rails.

That’s right. Stick magnetic rails to the underside of a shelf, and let the magnets attract the metal in your bottle caps. The Stella Artois will hang from the shelf, bat-like, held in place by the magnetic strip. The bottles will hover safely over your endive. The endive won’t have to budge an inch.

But not so fast. This product hasn’t quite made it into Skymall yet. The creators made a prototype and took to Kickstarter to fund the mass production. If you like the idea, find the creators on Kickstarter and toss them a few funds. It’s probably not a bad investment — can’t you see these in college dorms everywhere?

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