Travel Wheelchairs from Troy Technologies

Custom-Fold-001-web (2)If you want to get down the jetway fast, you have to pack light. That’s hard to do, however, when you use a wheelchair — unless you choose a wheelchair that is built specifically for travel. At CPAC-Fuller, we adhere to four criteria when we judge whether a product is ideally suited for travel.

It’s great for travel if:

1. It’s lightweight. As mentioned above, traveling light is essential if you want to travel efficiently. There’s nothing that slows down travel more than lugging around over-sized and overstuffed suitcases, and the same can be said for wheelchairs. A conventional wheelchair that is heavy is only going to hold you back. Look for a wheelchair that is 25 lbs or less.

2. It folds. At CPAC-Fuller, we believe strongly in efficient travel. We don’t check bags. We hate overhead bins. If we can’t fold it or slide it under the seat in front of us, we don’t need it. A wheelchair that folds is as easy to travel with as a backpack — simply fold it up when you’re ready to get on a plane, train or shuttle bus.

3. It’s rugged. You never know what you’ll run into when you’re visiting a new place. It’s important that everything you bring when you travel can handle being tossed, jostled or ridden over rough terrain. If you’re going to visit the cobbled streets of London, your wheelchair had better hold up! Travel wheelchairs are designed to do just that.

4. It’s safe. Let’s face it. There are a lot of dangerous things you can run into when you’re traveling. Your wheelchair should not be one of them. Find a wheelchair that has been subjected to exhaustive safety tests.

We’ve done our research, we’ve found a company that makes wheelchairs that satisfy all four of these requirements: Troy Technologies. Before you buy your next travel wheelchair, be sure to check out Troy Technologies.


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Fans for Martial Arts Gyms

Photo credit: Several seconds / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND
Photo credit: Several seconds / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

If you work out at Bally’s or LA Fitness or some other corporate chain, then you probably don’t have to worry about climate control. However, if you train at an independently-owned specialty gym — such as a boxing or martial arts gym, then you know that climate control can sometimes pose significant challenges. For instance, in the summer, when you’re wearing sparring gear and sweating your way through a fight on a 90 degree day, you wish your un-air conditioned gym had something more than floor fans to keep you cool.

That’s why it’s pretty sweet that Big Ass Fans has designed fans specifically for specialty gyms. From their website:

In the warm summer months, Big Ass Fans offer a perceived cooling effect of up to 10°F (5.6°C), without the clutter, noise and trip hazard of floor fans. Working with your HVAC system, Big Ass Fans silently and gently distribute conditioned air throughout the space. In the winter, slow your fans to smoothly redirect warm air collecting at the ceiling back down to floor level, improving comfort and reducing your heating expenses. While your clients work up a sweat, we trim down your utility bills.

Big Ass Fans has “fitness specialists” who understand what gyms and their clientele need to stay cool. We love companies that turn to experts for help with their specialized products. Indoor sports facilities, such as batting cages, also benefit from the cooling power of their fans and the expertise of their team.

Big Ass Fans manufactures fans for other industries too; you’ll find their fans in all kinds of facilities, from horse barns to auto dealerships. They also make beautiful ceiling fans that you can install in your home. The Essence fan comes in several colors, including “Blinded by the White” and “Cocoa Ono.”



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Keyboard Decals

keyboard decals
Photo credit: rocket ship / Foter / CC BY-NC

Is it worth it trick out your keyboard? It sure does look cool. And the reviews on Etsy seem to offer a resounding yes. And while we’re big proponents of online reviews — customer reviews are the best way to determine whether a product is for you or not — a four-star rating doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy something.

Here’s the thing about keyboards: they get dirty. If you eat at your desk, they get even dirtier. My point: those rainbow decals will look great for a day or two, but after a few weeks your yellows will turn murky, the greens will be grubby and the blues will be covered in dusty old finger prints. Your Pokemon characters will grow a grey fuzz.

And what happens why you try to clean them? The Etsy listing says they have a protective coating but how does that stand up when you’re trying to scrub droplets of spilled wine off of the keys? This just seems like something that will be fun for a few days, but ultimately won’t be worthwhile.

One thing to consider when you read an online review is the fact that people usually post them as soon as they receive the product. People usually do not go back and review a product that they have owned for several months. Many of the reviews for this product on Esty were posted just after buyers put the decals on their keyboards. That’s why they all look great. How will they look in three weeks? I guess we’ll never know.

But hey. They are $13. If you really want to bedazzle your laptop, you might as well do it, right? Just take extra care to make sure that your keyboard stays clean.

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Naturebox: Is it Worth it?

naturebox snacks

Naturebox is a monthly subscription service that delivers healthy snacks to your door. The cheapest option is about $20 per month. But is it worth doing?

It depends on what’s in your box. Plantain chips, for instance, aren’t such a great value with Naturebox. Why pay what equates to $4 for a 4.5 ounce bag of plantain chips when you can get a much larger bag for a lot less at your local Mexican grocery store? However, Naturebox offers sriracha-roasted cashews and they are just about the best thing you’ll ever eat. For me, it makes Naturebox totally worthwhile.

Moral of the story: Naturebox is what you make of it. Skip stuff that you can get at any grocery store or bodega and go for stuff that only Naturebox offers. For instance, you can get honey mustard-flavored pretzel bites anywhere. But as far as I know, only Naturebox offers honey macadamia pretzel pops. You probably won’t find watermelon fruit chews or ancient grains granola anywhere else, either. Dried apples, on the other hand, are everywhere. You don’t need Naturebox for dried apples.

What’s Cool about Naturebox

Picking your own snacks is fun but Naturebox does offer “curated” selections as well. “Nutritionist picks” is a good option for the calorie conscious.

What else is cool? Naturebox puts the nutrition information for each snack right out front for you to see. It’s a helpful guide for finding a snack that meets your dietary needs or restrictions.

Naturebox also has faceted search on its website, which means you can use various filters to find the snack you want. If you’re for vegan snacks or gluten free snacks or non-GMO snacks, Naturebox will make it easy to find what you want!

Naturebox won’t turn your life upside down, but it is a fun way to get tasty, healthy snacks delivered to your door.


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Swiss Army Hair Clip?

hair clip tools
So popular, you won’t get yours until Halloween!

If all your hair clip does is keep your bangs in place, you’re doing it wrong! Animi Causa is peddling a barrette that has everything:

A small screwdriver.

A large screwdriver.

A ruler.

A saw.

That’s right. A saw. It doesn’t make much sense to put a saw in your hair, does it? We don’t think so either.

Adweek already reviewed the product, and we don’t have a ton to add to what they had to say. We agree that it’s a cute idea but not terribly practical. What’s more, it’s a bit odd that it is marketed under “Gifts for Him”. That kind of opens a really big can of worms. Just because it has “tools” doesn’t mean it has to be marketed just to men. And just because it’s a hair clip doesn’t mean that it has to be marketed to women.

It doesn’t matter though, since the item is so popular it is on back order. It seems many people have seen this and decided that it is a primo gag gift. We don’t disagree, but we don’t think it’s worth the wait — the site says these won’t be available to ship until October.

Besides, the same company offers a picture frame that makes you look like you’re on the cover of Time. We think that’s perfect for the narcissist in your life, whoever he or she may be.



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Wireless Earbuds

If you’ve been dreaming of wireless earbuds, your dreams may soon come true. Some savvy engineer/entrepreneur is currently generating money via Kickstarter to produce “Earin”, which are tiny, wireless earbuds that look like they might accidentally end up inside your vacuum cleaner. has the lowdown on this product, and since there’s no point in me rewriting it, I encourage you to go read up on Earin there.

The Latest in Headphones

Wireless earbuds are far from the only new kid on the block. 50 Cent’s sports headphones are sweat-proof and heavy on the bass, which provides runners with they kind of enveloping sound they need to take their minds off the hard work and pain of training. Where wireless earbuds might fall out during a run (and get lost in the grass, or stolen by a chipmunk, or run over by a child’s tricycle) 50 Cent’s headphones will pretty much stay put and because they are neon chartreuse in color they are very unlikely to go missing. These headphones are also wireless, so they offer the same benefit as Earin without the potential pitfalls.

Bose’s new TrueSound headphones are garnering some good reviews. Though I would never jog or workout with Bose headphones — they are way too expensive to sweat on — I would definitely prefer Bose’s mint green headphones over 50 Cent’s lime green (or fluorescent yellow, or whatever you want to call it) headphones.

Headphones: Worth Investing In

Headphones by bose
Headphones are a part of everyday life. Make sure yours are good ones.

You need a good pair of headphones. Bus rides and air travel without headphones are exercises in misery. Getting through the workday can be tough without headphones that block out unwanted sounds. Music can help ease the pain of a tough workout. It’s important to have headphones, and more important to have good ones. Good ones are expensive, yes, but add up the cost of replacing headphones over and over and you will end up with a figure that matches the cost of a really good pair. Our recommendation: save up for a pair of well-made headphones, such as Bose TrueSound headphones. It’s one purchase you won’t regret.






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Pouf Hamburger. You know You Want One.

Hamburger beanbag
Hamburger beanbag: the right blend of comfort and kitsch.

Next time you camp out to buy tickets to see Adele or Lady Gaga or whoever the kids are listening to these days, leave the lawn chair at home. Chillax in style with this eye-catching and comfortable cushion. The Pouf Hamburger (Hamburger Beanbag in English) lets you add a touch of whimsy to any space. Prop it up on your coach, use it to make an extra seat around the coffee table, or let it cradle your head while you snooze on the bus. If prefer to be prone, separate the “buns”, “patty” and “tomato” and line them up on the floor, using them as an impromptu futon.

Discovering the Joy of Etsy

I found this kitschy cushion on Etsy, and it took me under two minutes of browsing on the site to find it. My point? If you’re looking for something unique, rare or one-of-a-kind (currently, there is only one Hamburger Pouf available) Etsy should be your first stop. It’s a great place to go for gift ideas; some of the presents I’ve found on Etsy include:

  • Fun, vintage embroidery kits
  • An electronic handheld baseball game from the 1980s
  • Christmas-tree-cookie shaped jewelry
  • An iPhone case festooned with a cartoon version of the Beatles
  • A “Gone with the Wind” cookbook

There is also a ton of vintage clothes, handmade toys, fancy French macarons and much, much more. If you’re not an Etsy shopper yet, you will be once you start browsing. It won’t be long before you find that handmade, uniquely-crafted, quirky thing  you just can’t live without.



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An Elevator Keeps Elderly Folks at Home

home elevator
Forget the stairs. Install an elevator in your house!

Do you ever wish you had an elevator in your house so you can avoid all those pesky stairs?  Well, you can, for the low low price of 8,990. Notice the absence of a dollar sign. That is because this company is British and the price is in pounds. If you buy one of these, it will set you back $15244.16. So before you read on, decide how much having an elevator in your house is worth to you.

Stiltz Domestic Lifts (Home Elevators, for those of us who speak Am. English)

So you’ve determined that you want an elevator in your home and you can afford the hefty price. Great! Time to learn about the product. Stiltz Domestic lifts plug right into a regular socket. (You’ll need a power converter if you plug it into a socket here in the US.) They can carry up to 375 pounds and take up minimal space in your home. They are quiet and fast.


  • They can only take you up one floor. You will need additional elevators if you want to move between several floors.
  • You have a cut a hole in ceilings/floors. I don’t know about you but I shy away from cutting holes in my house.
  • The elevator may not be compliant with US safety codes. The website says it complies with European standards. Whether European elevators adhere to the same codes as ours, I don’t know.

Who Should Buy a Home Elevator?

Not everyone needs a home elevator, but for some people it’s a great option. Who will benefit most from installing a domestic lift? The elderly. Many older people have trouble with stairs but don’t want to leave the homes they’ve known for decades. The home elevator is an excellent alternative to a stair lift, and can help elderly people stay where they feel most comfortable.


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Nitrile Gloves

Rough-Coated Nitrile Gloves

Grease and oil. Hot engine parts. Chemicals. Fiberglass. If you’re an mechanic or work in an industrial plant, there are numerous ways in which you can injure your hands.

That’s why we love these gloves by Galeton. They are designed to protect your hands without sacrificing grip. The gloves are coated with nitrile rubber that is textured for better grip. The interior of the gloves is made of soft jersey.

Nitrile Gloves
Rough nitrile gloves provide protection workers’ need.

Nitrile Gloves Protect Your Employees

If your employees are exposed to things that can injure them, it’s in your best interest to offer them as much protection as possible.

Keep your workers safe from burns, abrasions and other injuries by having these gloves on hand for them to use.

A Great Gift Idea for the Working Dad

Need a last minute Father’s Day gift for your dad? Whether he’s a professional mechanic or a retiree who likes to tinker on a hot rod, he will enjoy the protection and comfort of these gloves.




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Dog pod

Work From Your Pod!

When your kitchen sits on a two-foot strip of linoleum and you can open your fridge without getting out of bed, you need to find ways to make your space as efficient as possible. That’s where the Design Pod comes in.

On the outside, the Design Pod looks like any other nondescript, dust-collecting cylindrical piece of furniture that you could maybe use as a standing coffee table or something. However, the Design pod unfolds into a chair, a desk and space for your stapler, file folders and your coffee mug. When your workday ends, fold it back up and roll it into the closet. No need to waste precious square footage on a full-sized desk and rolling chair.

What’s so Great about it?

What I really like about this is that when you’re done working, you can really be done — you can literally pack up your desk and shove it in the closet until you are ready to start working again. That’s appealing no matter what sort of space you live/work in.

The downside? This item looks like it has quite a few moving parts, and that means it has a greater potential for things to break down or fall apart. It’s also unclear whether you can actually buy this thing. It was created by Andrew Maynard Architects, and I’ve looked all over their website to see if there is a way to purchase this item, but I have not come across it yet. It’s kind of hard to take advantage of this “immediate work environment” if you can have it shipped to you. It could be just my case of the Mondays, but I have no clue how you actually buy this thing — if you figure it out, please leave links or instructions in the comments.

Dog Pod

Dog pod
Dog Pod coziness!

If the Design Pod isn’t for you, hop over to Etsy and check out the Dog Pod. It’s a cozy, fur-lined love seat that will make your pup feel right at home. The Dog Pod is available in a broad range of veneers, from bamboo to douglas fir. This thing ain’t cheap. It will run you more than $800. But if you really love Fido, this attractive piece of furniture could be a nice addition to your home. And, at the end of the day, most of us value our dogs over our jobs. Right?

Photo credit: Wicker Paradise / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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