Weird/Useful Japanese Products: Worth it?

The Japanese have a tradition of inventing quirky products that the Internet likes to make fun of. Recently, Mashable had an article that argued that some of them are actually really useful. We took a look at the article and determined that while they all may be useful, only a handful actually provide value.

Read what Mashable says here. And see our counter argument below.

1. The Banana keeper might be good for keeping bananas safe in backpacks. But isn’t it more cost-effective to simply make sure not to let your bananas end up there?

2. A microphone that mutes you as you sing into it? Buy one for all your relatives.

3. Dictionary desk pillow? Eh. It’s cute, I guess.

4. Selfie sticks do come in handy for people who take selfies. I’ve seen people using them. If you like taking pictures of yourself, and don’t mind carrying that thing around, get one of these.

5. The thing that softens your butter by turning it into little strands…yeah. You can just leave your butter out so that it’s room temperature. Hard butter problem solved, and for free.

6. A pillow that makes it easier to hear sounds when lying down? Do people lose their hearing when prone? I don’t understand. I’m sure the thing works, but is it worth shelling out money for? Prolly not.

7. A machine that converts office paper to toilet paper? Well, that’s just good green technology. Plus its a good way to get rid of those annoying memos that piss you off so much.

8. The little guy that sits on the edge of your ramen cup and turns color when it’s ready…buy that if you eat ramen a lot. Not if it will get dusty in a drawer somewhere.

9. Self stirring pot. Ok, that is kinda neat. A good thing to get if you multi-task and tend to be too busy to stir when you’re cooking pasta.

10. Summer cooling spray that looks like shaving cream and keeps you cool in the heat? Doesn’t water do that?

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